What is Sacred Geometry and How it is Manifested in the World of Psy Trance?

Have you ever looked around and noticed patterns in nature? The way the petals on a flower grow, or how the leaves are placed on a vine? The spiral of a snail’s shell or the unique pattern of a snowflake seen under a microscope? This - and so much more - is sacred geometry.


These fundamentals of sacred geometry can help connect more deeply to the world around us and to understand at a more significant level the natural laws that govern it. These geometric patterns can be broken down into mathematical and spiritual language. Not limited to art, clothing, tattoos, and other decorative elements, once you learn about sacred geometry you will begin to recognize it everywhere.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Many consider sacred geometry to be the blueprint for creation, an ancient science from which all form is derived. Repeated refrains in nature come from the patterns in which energy moves, creating and unifying all things.


This ethos is rooted in the belief that all things are interconnected. Nothing is in isolation, a message that seems to be affirmed by similarities across so many aspects of life, nature, and patterns within.


Sacred geometry does not simply exist in the tangible and visible. It is also thought to exist beyond what we can see in front of us, extending to the cosmos and to the cellular level.

What is Sacred Geometry Art?

To integrate these principles of interconnectedness and consciousness into daily life, consider sacred geometry art. Whether it’s sacred geometry in clothing, patterns in wall art, talismans, or even lamps, you can have the beauty of this mystical mathematical creation around you any time.


What is sacred geometry art? Essentially, it’s anything created from the essence of these patterns. Whether it’s a subtle pattern of sacred geometry in clothing pieces or a bold design like the Flower of Life, these shapes and designs can add color and a new vibration to your life.

Bring Sacred Shapes Into Your Home

Sacred geometric shapes bring a reminder of our connection with everything within the universe, and all that lies beyond. It helps to remind us that all is connected - it all comes from and returns to the same source.


Engaging with sacred geometry helps to deepen our connection with life itself. The vibrational frequency of the shapes and patterns gives a sense of harmony. If you’ve attended music festivals or yoga retreats, you’ve probably seen sacred geometry in clothing. Have you seen these shapes in wall art?

Projection Lamps

A great and unexpected way to add sacred geometry to your space is through projection lamps. These lamps are beautiful in their own right by day, and come alive at night, projecting shapes across your walls.


Sacred geometry lamps are made from natural wood with these divine patterns of nature carved into them. With LED lights that can change color, your lamp can be adjusted to suit your mood - or the one you want to call in for yourself.


These lamps not only bring light and color to your room but add sacred geometry wall art without the need for nails in the wall. Choose from spirals, mandalas, the flower of life, and more.

psychedelic lamps

Psychedelic Wall Art

Dress up your walls with timeless shapes in mystical designs with sacred geometry wall art. These 3D pieces make a statement, drawing the eye into repeating patterns in complementary colors.


Sacred geometry patterns in wall art are laser cut in wood and stained virtually any color. With shapes like lotus flowers, chakra symbols, the tree of life, and a variety of mandalas, you can choose patterns that are simple and understated or multilayered and intricate. Consider a mirrored piece to reflect light back into your space.


psychedelic wall art

A Call to Reconnect

Once upon a time, humans were more connected and attuned to their surroundings. They were reliant upon nature, the passing of the seasons had a deeper impact, and survival depended upon being perceptive and aware.


In the modern era we have very little connection to the natural world, to nature and the planet. Ancient wisdom was once passed through stories and tribes and much of this has been lost or forgotten.


Sacred geometry is natural, ancient, and carries deep yet simple wisdom: we are all connected. We are not separate from nature. We are not separate from the universe.


Ancient cultures believed these patterns were mirrored in earth and sky and repeated throughout the universe. Having sacred geometry art is not only beautiful and stylish but creates a reconnection to the infinite.

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