How to Build Festival Scenery on Your Balcony

Love the psytrance festival aesthetic and want to take it home with you? It’s easy to create a cozy, colorful, and unique social space at home. Add a little festival decor to your balcony and have a special area to listen to good music with friends or chill by yourself.

If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry. We have some suggestions to get your creativity flowing. It may seem like a big project, but trust us - with a few psychedelic decorations and maybe a bit of UV string art, and you’ll quickly have the best spot around.

What is the Psytrance Festival Aesthetic?

If you’ve been to a psytrance festival, you likely have a general idea of the aesthetic. It’s not only black lights and glowing paint, of course! Many elements represent the psytrance scene.

Trance art for festivals often draws inspiration from nature. Whether it’s the shapes of trees, mushrooms, or various animals, you’ll likely see pieces of nature all around you. The movement of life in nature inspires sacred geometry. Repeated patterns appear in plants, and there is an ancient understanding that these shapes exist everywhere. Using mathematics to create art through shapes and colors, sacred geometry reflects the uniqueness of the natural world, from the earth beneath our feet out to the far reaches of the universe.

How to Build Festival Scenery on Your Balcony

A balcony is a great place to build your festival fantasy. No matter the size, you can add some psychedelic decoration and bring a welcoming, uplifting vibe to your space. The best part about it? Festival scenery is excellent for day and night, and the whole character of your balcony can shift with daylight hours.

Trance art for festivals is both beautiful and functional. Instead of hanging a tarp for shade, try beautiful tapestries. Instead of choosing between bright overhead light and absolute darkness, get creative with a galaxy ceiling or psychedelic lamps.

Let’s look at some inspiration for building your own psytrance oasis on your balcony.

Trippy Tapestry

Psychedelic tapestry trippy design

A trippy tapestry is a great way to add psychedelic design elements to your balcony. They can be used as sun shades or wall decor. Choose from a variety of designs with ornate patterns or full psytrance scenes.

If you’d like to divide your space, a tapestry is a great option. Create a false wall or divider without blocking airflow.

These lightweight fabrics add texture to your design and can color your walls without the permanence of paint. It’s an effortless way to bring character and coziness to your space. 

Galaxy Ceiling Design

Psychedelic Galaxy Ceiling Design psychedelic canopy

Want to add the illusion of standing in the center of the universe? A galaxy ceiling design is a great way to bring in the mysticism of outer space.

These ceiling designs are made of multiple lycra panels brought together as a canopy. Each piece of UV-reactive and has its own special design, with each petal stretching out from a central point.

Create a portal into the depths of the great beyond with these unique designs.

UV String Art

Psychedelic uv string art hand made strign art

Now that you’ve got your walls and ceiling covered, it’s time to add a bit more of a “woah!” factor to your festival scene. UV string art is a unique geometric design that will surprise and impress.

Available in many designs, UV string art is inspired by geometry and the creativity of mathematics. They’ve available as an homage to different elements or patterns from nature including sacred shapes such as the flower of life.

Made with frames of natural wood, UV-reactive strings are strung to create shapes that are beautiful by day and night. Choose from designs built around their own UV light to hang as a lamp, or those without a light that will react to UV lighting in your room.


Psychedelic Oasis

Whatever your style, there are plenty of ways to create your own psychedelic oasis at home. Set up a space where you can dance around to full power psytrance playlists or you own cozy festival-style chill out zone.

Colorful walls, funky art, and even a trippy rug can create a space so popular, you might even have to start selling tickets!

Check out all that Trancentral has to offer to decorate your balcony with a psychedelic festival scene.

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