Psytrance Parties and Festivals Fashion - What Are 3 Things That are Most Identified with the Scene?

Psytrance fashion has its variety and distinct uniqueness at the same time. It took its roots in the hippies’ culture and has developed in its unique way since the 90s when electronic music came to the scene. 

Goa is the motherland of modern Psytrance. Because of that - Psytrance fashion has an Indian influence also.

There are a lot of great designers on the scene who produce handmade unique psychedelic clothes, accessories, jewelry, and other merchandise. A marketplace becomes an indispensable place at every Psytrance festival.

Psytrance apparel was created with particular needs in mind, such as being at a festival or party for a long time. A particular palette of colors is most popular here, such as khaki, olive, brown, grey - colors that can easily hide dust.

For nighttime parties with many fluorescent lights, fluorescent psychedelic clothes are very popular with specific and unique shapes and ornaments.

Accessories have well distinct features too to fit this specific need to be at a festival. When you are partying and dancing for a long time, it’s nice to have your hands accessible. Psytrance apparel usually has several pockets or is adorned with unique accessories such as belt or waist bags with sufficient storage for all your necessary items.

Here is a selection of 3 items of psychedelic clothes which represent a variety of modern Psytrance fashion and are iconic in the scene.


Tribal Poncho

Tribal ponchos are very popular at psytrance festivals. On the Tibetan Plateau, the poncho is often worn for riding, walking in the rain, and braving the ever-changing mountain weather. In the past, nomad ponchos were made from thick felt and usually included a headcover. They were heavy but protected from rain and chill.

Traditional Tibetan ponchos are made from yak wool. Nomadic Tibetans used yak wool for centuries. This yarn has become popular again in recent years thanks to its super-soft, eco-friendly fiber and cashmere finish. Yak wool is lustrous yet lightweight.

The festival shawls and rave ponchos come with unique traditional designs inspired by sacred geometry and Tibetans shapes. Great for raves, meditations, wintery beach time, or for relaxing at your home. 

Cashmere Yak Wool Rave Poncho

(Ajjaya’s design)



Ajjaya’s design is excellent to wear on its own or layered over hoodies or your favorite t-shirt. This versatile rave poncho doubles as a meditation shawl. Handmade from yak wool, this poncho has tribal diagonal embroidery inspired by sacred geometry. It has a comfortable v-neck, slip-on design with two pockets, and fringe tassels that give movement and shape when you’re dancing. When you buy from this collection, you support environmentally friendly fashion industries. 

Indian Project’s Pants

Indian Project is one of the most known brands in Psytrance fashion. Indian Project pants are hot in the Psytrance world. With a strong connection to the psytrance scene, Indian Project has a very recognizable style, which is easily identifiable. 

Indian Project was founded in 2002. The alternative clothing company works with Nepalese tailors in local factories to deliver exceptionally well-crafted pieces. They use long-lasting materials made to be durable at festivals and while dancing. Indian Project shorts and trousers are known for their many pockets and cool patches with psychedelic patterns inspired by sacred geometry shapes. Each design model comes in a limited edition with a promise to keep the quality high.


Black Shiva Shorts



Black Shiva Shorts provide sufficient storage for of all your needs. This particular pair has nine pockets (four front pockets, two side pockets, two back pockets, and one discreet “secret” pocket), with metal buckles and logo zips. More models from Indian Project are here:

UV Reactive Clothing

Glow-in-the-dark design is a very popular type of Psytrance apparel. See a variety of them:

There are 2 types of UV clothing: designs that glow in the dark after charging in the light, and those which glow under a blacklight. These psychedelic clothes make sure you stand out when the lights go out.


UV Reactive T-Shirt



UV active colors are glowing under black light, which you can find on every Psytrance event. Colors will stay fresh for years! This unique artistic design is by Freaky Wear.


For more psychedelic clothes and merchandise, please check:  


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