Indian project Interview, Part 3

Q. Your collection is a Trancentral favorite. In your own words, why do psytrance fans love Indian Project so much!?

We are part of the trance scene for 20 years now. Every year, we make new collections for summer and winter. We also try to follow what customers follow of trance love.

We have been really supported in the beginning by many Goa crew and Dj’s, who were staying part of their time in India and especially around Goa. Slowly, but surely, people started to see our clothes at parties and it came as something like our brand was related to the psytrance community. I guess it has helped a lot to be known and appreciated. 

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Then, we listened to customer feedback. We have improved our skills and always tried to fit their expectations. Caring about customers, staying friendly in every situation, being involved, consistent, and confident in our work. « smile » 

Q. How would you describe the psytrance community to someone who is new to the scene? 

The psytrance community is made up of dreamers. We like magic. We are respectful of natural processes. We like to travel and share. We are nomads or used to be in some past life. We believe in human souls. We like positive meanings. We like to be surprised. We like to experience parallel states of mind. We like colorful visions, 5D friendship, peace. Wow, so many other good things « laughs » and for sure we like psychedelic music of all kinds.

Q. If you had to give one piece of advice to a psytrance clothing label that is just starting out, what would it be?

We don't like too much to give advice...

But, if a psytrance brand asked, we would say kindly: Don’t look too much behind you and don't look too far ahead. Be confident in your project and your ideas whatever they are at the beginning. Don't be afraid to fail and miss some things, try, test, re-test, re-try, till you’re satisfied.

Q. What does liberty/freedom mean to you?

“Freedom” is meeting all our crew on the dance floor!

Those good memories sharing time on the dance floor with friends, surrounded by a groovy bassline sound of a killer progressive track and sunrise to illuminate all those happy dancing faces in the early morning. Don't you agree ? « smiles » If you have ever experienced this, for sure you will agree that this is just pure freedom!

From a larger perspective, liberty is definitively when you feel you’re having a good time in a good place, doing what you are meant to do.

It’s the final and ultimate quest in fact. The meaning and purpose of life! We are free souls living the earth experience. Don't forget. Connect orreconnectto the source by meditation or prayers and you will find what is freedom and liberty.

Q. Share your secret to happiness.

Every time you feel you are not happy, deep in your inner-self and you will realize that you are dealing with stuff that doesn’t belong to you. The matrix is heavy and disturbs us. I agree, but it’s just a mind trick. We are human beings, the pure essence of happiness.

Q. Who is your favorite psytrance DJ?

Mike Maguire playing Juno Reactor sets in the early ’90s.This was our first favorite DJ. At this time, Psytrance was not the best fitting term, “GoaTrance'' was more relevant. But what a memory! Have you ever seen a music prophet ? « laughs» Mike was like the chosen one. Connected to the ultimate art of spreading trance musical masterpieces on vinyl for hours in rave parties every weekend.

Eyes closed, long hair falling on his face, hands straight forward in front of the decks! Quite a religious ceremony we have to say!

Now, for a more contemporary name and because we are Psy-prog lovers, one of our all-time favorite DJs, but let’s say “Artist” or “Band” as he is a really talented producer. We like to name Robert Hundt, playing under the name of Radioactive Cake or also with his other main project Zeitgeist.

He’s based in Berlin, Germany Berlin. It’s definitely driving the sound, shaping what we like to listen to and dance to...

His recipe is about industrial atmospheric and cinematic sounds-tight on a really fast and deep rolling groovy baseline, grounded with some heavy warm kicking drums, a bit of melancholic symphonic and glitchy patterns on top of it. And, well, here you go for inner travel, a world of sounds that let you connect with the magic and the infinite beauty of organic techno-trance. Come to the dance floor with us! Let’s go party! « laughs»

We can hear a little voice that is saying: ”You did not really answer the question.”

Oops, really? Hmmm, you’re right. You asked us our favorite “psytrance”  Dj. So, in the psytrance scene, night-oriented, like for a 3 am dance floor full UV, trippy-state-of-mind, we really like artists from BoomShanka. Music label Psymmetrix could be my choice or Nuky to give the spice of a feminine touch.

Q. Share your trippiest festival moment.

OK. Yes, we have one heavy trippy memory to share with you It was at Ozora, three years back. Our stall is on the market street just in front of the main dance floor. We were in our shop with customers. Then, all of sudden we see this guy coming from the main dance floor running like hell. Well, nothing that unusual so far, just that we felt he was going very fast straight in our direction. But still, he was far off. He’s running hands up and it sounds like he’s shouting. He’s going fast…
At the time, we’re thinking he is going faster and faster. He’s coming closer to our shop. We look at him like we know something weird is about to happen. Now, we can hear that he’s screaming. Even though it’s party time and the dance floor is going nicely with the massive sound system. We now hear him very well. Something is happening! He’s still running full-on in our direction. Hands up, moving from left to right like an animated character, and his scream started to be mixed with the music coming from the stage. From this moment, all went very fast. We did not really get the time to move and catch him on the way. He was close, too close to slow down, before the crash!
This unstoppable guy sprinted through our entire stall, head first. Like what the f**k! A rocket man running at the fastest speed we ever saw someone running, then in half a second this guy passed through our entire shop from the entrance to the back, taking all the hanging clothes with him, and breaking the racks. He just passed through the back wall of our tent like a cartoon movie, leaving a hole with the shape of his body.« laughs »
We all stood frozen in place, shocked by what just happened. We didn’t have time to process what we saw, What the hell happened? Where is he? Is he still alive? Then, we saw him coming back from the hole of the tent and going back out of the stall again, as if nothing happened. Still screaming and running away. There was nothing to do. It all happened so quickly. Crazy moments of a crazy bad trip. We’ll remember this! But for him, we’re not so sure…

Q. What is your top festival tip?

Ok, we give you one: Come in first, go out last!


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Photos By @wielochmedia

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