Epic Underwater Kingdom UV Diamond EUK DM02 Psychedelic UV Reactive Element Ceiling Decoration

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✓ The amazing level of details will make you loose yourself in the psychedelic worlds of infinite patterns and trippy characters
✓ This trippy art is meant to be watched over and over and to enhance your psychedelic experiences
✓ Great UV-effect will take your trip to another level
✓ The super bright colors will bring up empowering visions and inspiration
✓ All artworks in this shop were custom created by Andrei Verner – an experienced psychedelic artist – sometimes together with other great artists.

This UV-reactive diamond is perfect for decorating a space of any size:

  • Bedroom
  • Dorm
  • DJ-studio
  • Chill out space
  • Festival tent
  • Festival camp site
  • Club’s dance-floor
  • Festival’s dance-floor

The diamonds are made of 4-way stretching lycra and are 1.3, 2.6 or 5.2 meters long depending on the size you choose. You can stretch them up to 1.7m/5.5′, 3.4m/11′ and 6.8m/22′ at a safe stretch.

Connecting diamonds is super easy. On each diamond there are 12 loops – 4 on the corners and 8 on the sides. So to hold diamonds together you simply connect the loops with the carabiners.

Each Diamond has:

  • 1 Full-UV-printed 4-way stretching lycra diamond sewed across the perimeter with a stretchable black band.
  • 8 loops on small and 16 loops on medium and large diamonds
  • 8 carabiners
  • 1 hooked screw with a dowel
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